Students Prepare Development Proposals for Former Hospital Site for City of Boulder

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February 3, 2016

Denver, CO – In Fall 2015, students in Korkut Onaran and Deana Swetlik’s studio course prepared development proposals for the former Boulder Community Hospital site, which was recently purchased by the City of Boulder. The proposals included site plans, activity programs, and a preliminary asset analysis.

The former Boulder Community Hospital site provided students with a great opportunity to explore the plethora of development possibilities inherent in a site like this – a large piece of land that is close to important amenities. The primary question underlying the development proposals was: what long term goals can the City of Boulder achieve by locating what and how on this site? Getting to an answer involved developing an activity program, a framework plan, a site plan, and a preliminary asset analysis.

After writing some initial “first impressions” essays, the class focused not only on the site and its close surroundings, but also considered broader planning issues in Boulder. The class reviewed recent planning efforts, developments, demographics, and transportation. After this analysis phase, each individual student worked on developing site plans to grasp the scale and the context of the development question. The rest of the work was developed by students in three small groups. After a preliminary presentation to Boulder city officials on October 8, 2015, the class provided a final presentation on November 14, 2015. Representatives from the Goose Creek Neighborhood Organization were also in the audience.