Carolyn McAndrews

Assistant Professor
Phone: 303-315-0028
Office: CAP 320BB

Curriculum Vitae Ι Personal Website

Focus: Transportation planning, policy, and design; comparative international development and transportation; public participation; public health, safety, and the social determinants of health

Bio: I am an assistant professor in the Department of Planning and Design at the University of Colorado Denver, where I joined the faculty in 2012.

My fields of interest include transportation planning, policy, and design; public health; organization theory; and public administration. My research focuses on transportation injury prevention; multi-modal transportation system policy; and how to reduce the negative health, safety, and environmental externalities of the transportation and land use system. I am also interested in the organization of policy communities, policy change, and how community-based collective action can influence policy agendas. I teach courses in planning history and theory, transportation planning, and healthy communities planning that draw students from multiple disciplines.

At CU Denver, I am involved in Women Writing Across Disciplines (CU-WADI) and Active Communities Transportation (ACT). I am an active member of the Transportation Research Board Health and Transportation Subcommittee , and the Transportation Research Board Committee on Social and Economic Factors in Transportation.

When it comes to urban and regional planning, what are you most passionate about?

When it comes to urban and regional planning, I am most passionate about the ways that people organize to accomplish what cannot be done alone.

What is the most important issue you believe the planning profession should be focusing on for the future, and why?

Looking to the future, I think that the planning profession should not change focus, but continue to operate at the intersection of different, and conflicting, values and interests.

As a planner and as an instructor, how do you view your role in the community? 

As a planner and instructor, I view my role in the community as an enthusiastic investigator, participant, mentor, and colleague.

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