MURP’s Jenny Steffel Johnson Receives Award of Excellence

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March 13, 2015

Denver, CO – Jenny Steffel Johnson, MURP Instructor and Associate Chair of Planning and Design, was among the winners of the 2015 College of Architecture and Planning Faculty Annual Awards for Excellence.

Jenny has made contributions to the college far beyond what is required for her roles as instructor and associate chair. From the small team that re-envisioned and rebuilt the MURP program, to staff search and award committees, the College Building Committee, and the “Super Committee,” Jenny has lent her fine analysis and exceptional writing skills at many levels. She is a graduation marshal every semester, and helped launch the Denver chapter of the Planners Network. She has taken the lead in diversity and inclusion work. Jenny uses her courses to make meaningful contributions to Colorado communities, and nearly 50 organizations have been helped by her students.

Each winner will receive $500 and a certificate, and will be honored at the campus-wide Celebration of Faculty Excellence in the fall. They also are eligible for the campus-wide awards.