Self-Directed Curriculum

One of the unique features of our MURP program that differentiates us from virtually all other graduate planning programs in North America is our self-directed curriculum.

Upon entering a graduate program in planning, some students may know exactly the planning topic on which they want to focus; others may be unsure of the path within planning they should follow; while others may be drawn to several planning topics and want to maintain flexibility in their academic pursuits. Consequently, we don’t believe a student should be forced to declare a planning specialization or concentration—upon entering a graduate planning program or any time thereafter—if they don’t want to.

At CU Denver, students have the freedom to craft a MURP degree suited to their personal goals, interests, and aptitudes by choosing any combination of elective courses they desire. Students may choose electives that are aligned toward one of our Initiatives (Healthy Communities, Urban Revitalization, or Regional Sustainability), toward a traditional specialization or concentration (such as Transportation Planning or Community Development), or toward a generalist survey of the planning field.

Of course, the most helpful resource for assisting students in choosing their self-directed path through the MURP program is the planning faculty. Students are encouraged to reach out to any faculty member for advice about which electives to take or about any issue relating to the MURP program or careers in planning.

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